Complete guide to buy web hosting service!

(Complete guide for buying web hosting)

if you intend to launch a website before anything, you need a server or a web hosting service and also a domain name . the empowerment plan has many services. the differences make it hard for beginners to select their services. if you are just working, maybe there are many questions in choosing the best server and the domain in your mind. this article attempts to answer a number of questions simply that beginner can do the right choice after reading.

1st step to start!

before choosing and buying, you need to know what kind of site you intend to launch. what content management system is to install and ask questions that you need to find before you start an answer so you can buy the best service.

it’s like purchasing an electronic device like a laptop. you take your laptop and some of its facilities have no technical details. you don ‘t have to know all about it. you just need to pay attention to a set of key and key items.

how to choose?

Each of the cases explained separately.


if you want to create a commercial or visited site, you must examine the reliability of the web hosting service. factors like:

the top quartile is close to the value of ” % “, the period when your donor shall continue to work without interruption, and are usually expressed by numbers of up to 90%. it is natural that the higher the amount of service your isp requires, the more reliable it is that it is authentic and quality.

high overhead causes your website to be unavailable, and you don ‘t miss any customers. many people visit your site only once, if you ‘re not available at the moment, leaving you to the next site. note that there are many competing sites for each business today. so let ‘s not even send a user to your competitor ‘s website because of the unavailability of the site.

great support:

a very important part of shopping is due to its support. there will be plenty of problems during your application, and if they can ‘t give you quick support, the result will be distressing to you.

before you buy, you must submit a request once to the support part and see at what distance they are willing to send your response. online chat is also a factor which makes a hosting company more reliable.

flexibility :

you are now starting your online career. but what happened next? your website users are very demanding and you should ask the seller some questions before you buy.

will my current plan be improved in the future?
how much is the cost of upgrading and relocation to the empowerment plan?
do you have the power company or a dedicated server for very large sites?

even if the company does not have the power to meet your needs, it will help you to transfer your site to another provider.

it is best to keep it in mind at the beginning and consider not having trouble in the future and after your site ‘s growth.


another contributing factor is to pay attention to its quality. consider which country your server is in and the technical facilities you have at your disposal. facilities like:

linux or windows type

version myself

a PHP version and installed modules.

some scripts require specific facilities to be implemented, which are usually not actively activated. so, ask the possibility of installing and activating the required facilities.

management panel type

most reliable provider services are used to manage facilities that are readily available to users. low cost and low-quality services are eventually used.

Security :

What would you feel if you went into your site one day and look at the hacking page of your site? Securing the server and giving proper access to folders and files is good for a host. There should also be updated and powerful firewalls for greater security of users on the server to prevent attacks and possible abuses.

Price :

The cost you pay for your service is also an important part of the purchase. It is highly personal and depends on whether you are looking for quantity or quality.

If you don’t want to pay a lot of money to your service, then you need to go shopping for inexpensive customers that don ‘t usually have the right quality. And naturally, the service that offers quality and quality service is not cheap and has its own price. Quality cannot be achieved with low cost.

If you want to set up on the basics of the site from the beginning, it ” s too much for you to pay for your expenses.

Here is now a lot of choices you have in our website with high quality and also good price

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